1. Why does one have to complete the Captcha?

Completing the captcha will certainly mean that you are a human and not a robotic machine that pretends to be human to extract valuable information and use it for contrary purposes guided by mischief. It also enables you to get temporary access to the website.

  1. What is Lbex?

Lbex is a content management system. It is specially designed for businesses for easy user interface. It is fully customizable and can be adapted to your business and marketing needs. It offers and assists to keep your websites and mobile up to date. It also offers many advanced modules for various tasks like accepting job applications.

  1. What should I do after launching my website?

The answer to this question can never be anything. Internet is a dynamic world. It needs to be regularly updated in the real time environment and most of the users frequently learn how to adapt themselves to it. No matter what is the end goal to be achieved, you must always have a plan for your website about how you should manage it, its content, its update, marketing, advertising, link building, search engine marketing and other things. Allow your marketing strategy and advertising plans to commensurate the website content and help in achieving the best of class websites.  

  1. What is the difference between mobile site and a mobile responsive web?

A responsive website is one of those which are built to adapt itself to all sizes of the screens. For example:- computer monitors, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. it is one of the best possible way to ensure that the content in your website is seen through all mediums.

A mobile site on the other hand is a unique set of code which is used to create it. It is a special content for the pages opened in mobiles. It means that the experience for mobile users is further customized. In large heavy sites, that take time to be loaded in mobiles, a special mobile site is cohesive as it opens rapidly and runs smoothly according to the adaptability power of the mobile phones.

  1. What is the cost of website building?

Building cost of a website can be depended upon variety of factors similarly as a cost of house building may vary. It always depends upon the basics needs and expectations of the customers and the way they want the website to be built. The starter package is generally near $5000.

  1. How long does It take to build a website

Normally again, the websites take different time to be built depending upon the needs and demands of the clients. The more meticulous work is demanded, more is the time taken. Normally it takes two to three months for us to build a website but it may last longer due to extra demands put forward or but extra features and programmed that can be needed to be fit into the website.