FastComet Review – Web Hosting Crafted with Care

FastComet is known as one of the popular web hosting company to provide web servers all over the world. It has more than 7 years of experience in providing the web host service. FastComet has more than 11,500 customers in 70 countries for various reasons. It offers the service with high quality with an existing price tag for normal users. FastComet becomes the competitor for all the web hosting companies with its speed and better operation. FastComet at the beginning is providing the system administration for business and private clients. Then it is changed over to launch the public cloud hosting service in late 2013.

Fastcomet review

Choose Which Level of Should You Need for your Online Business?

Shared Hosting

It is one of the main topics that are talking over the years to the people. It is actually a web hosting which helps to give the service for the pages like multiple websites.  For information, the each page has its own domain name. It means it works from a single web server. As per the source, most of the companies working for web hosting offers shared hosting. You can get the packages for $2.95 per month and on the other side; you can start with $6.95 per month. For advanced pack, you can purchase for $12.95 per month.

Cloud VPS hosting

It offers all the service like Paas and Iaas to the start up business and makes them to work flexibility which helps to access and works very easy. With this process, you can get the high availability of cloud servers or complicated networks can get it in few seconds which leads you to start immediately. The great packages you can buy from $49.95 per month to $129.95 per month.

Dedicated hosting

It is one of the types of internet hosting that engages the client anytime to leases the whole server available.  But it will not allow sharing with anyone. The customers can buy the package from $139 per month to $419 per month which is mainly depends on the processor.

WordPress Hosting

It is the hosting that provides the best service in terms of running the WordPress which is mainly managed by the host at the end. It mainly includes the special performances like scalability, speed, updates, backups, security, time and more. Here you can get the package at $2.95 per month. Based on the package the price will be differing.

eCommerce Features

  • With the help of FastComet review, you can get an idea that easily connects to the online store for various reasons. Here it helps you to find the product, transaction, purchasing option, security process and more.
  • It is the main feature that here you can get the unlimited number of storage to deal with. However, it supports mainly the security process.
  • With the help of FastComet hosting review, you can promote your business via the online sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. It is the best choice of most of the customers for the performance.

Security Features

When comes to security purpose, this FastComet hosting review helps the host that stands tall among the other hosting. This amazing hosting has an enormous number of options with strong security protection. No spam will affect when you start to use for your sites. It covers with a strong layer of protection. By using this great hosting, anyone can protect their inbox and filter the wanted messages at anytime.  The folders and files are almost protected with strong passwords.

While performing your site you can also block it from accessing. To do this process, easy to reach the black list IP address to block. Also, it has the option that easily allows you to configure the files separately with full of a secure process. These are the main features that are engaging in a great way while start to working on it. Free encrypt is said to be the best feature to follow for this host. It helps to encrypt each and every file allocated in your system. Also, you can backup your all files available for free.

Refund policy

This amazing host has its great plans to proceed for the customers. There are three types of plans that you need to know that is single website, E-Commerce and Multiple Websites. If you planned for any package that you need to pay at a reasonable price for the host. Once if you are not interested in using the host go for the cask back offer as well. As a plan, you can get your refund money as money back guarantees for 45 days.

Ease to use

When comes to usage it is very easy to handle and manage your account’s folders and files. Also, the performance is very speed when compared to the other hosts. Here without installing any FTP clients, cPanel makes the best solution to you. It helps access via the browser at best speed with great performance. The important thing is you have to log in before accessing the file manager.  By monitoring the whole system, you can also check out the emails and the websites in an ease manner. Also, it is very easy to handle the whole process as per the features. You can learn more about latest programming tips here.

Customer support

It is one of the best hosts that carry more positive words for its great work. Due to its amazing security features, it has millions of customers to use. The reasonable price with excellent plans will always encourage you to use this host for your sites. It achieves more number of awards for its exceptional customer satisfaction. It excels well because of its amazing budget that too leads to getting a best shared hosting badge. Most of the FastComet Review given by the users is genuine.

Who is FastComet Best For?

  • Based on customer satisfaction the reputation of this host has set the rage among the clients and customers across the globe. It is one of the strong and oldest hosts that gain a lot of trust from the people. For main business, this will be the path for the client that who needs to improve in their field.
  • According to your budget, you can purchase without paying any extra price for the host. It is the main support for the WordPress customers who are all wanting to access according to the features.
  • Anybody can expect to do the business with the help of this host that too holds the powerful security option to protect your folder and files.
  • With the help of Fast comet, you can manage the services and product via online in an easy manner. On the other side, the billing is also very simple to proceed by the users.

Pros of FastComet

It is the main thing that you need to know before getting into the FastComet. It has a huge number of pros to check out before the buying.

  • This amazing FastComet is very fast to use in terms of performance. This could be the best hack free host due to the strong security protection.
  • You can also take all the backups daily as well as weekly for your future purpose which always helps to protect the available files.
  • It functions as monitoring for all the time by allowing more secure to protect from spam or any hacking.
  • It is named as a most mobile friendly host among the others in terms of working. Also, you will get the templates for free for further usage.

Cons of FastComet

  • As per the recent source, the package of this FastComet is slow when compared to the others. The customers feel that it is not that speed as expected when comes to hosting plans.
  • The other drawback is it allows to set up for free for only one month when comes to the billing plans.


After the FastComet review, we must admit that this great host gets huge thumbs up from all over the globe. This excellent performance with cheap budget leads the top position among the others. If anybody wants to get into the online business, then this is the best solution for the people to go ahead. You can also purchase it with decent plans for every month.