Why it is Used and How to Use jQuery?

It is important to know the benefits and advantages of Jquery before learning to use it on the website, as using jQuery in all the locations could burn up your bandwidth and make your website slower to load on a regular basis. Most of the people’s doubt is how to use Jquery, So Jquery is one of the important elements of any web designing, as it adds up elegance to the website in the required way. There are plenty of options and designs in Jquery scripts, which can be either created or downloaded from the internet. As the library is huge and gives out convenient options to create, most of the current day developers prefer to use one or more queries on their website.

how to use jQuery?

Java scripts can be used to build the entire website, but it is always recommended to decrease the load on the server as much as possible. Java scripts can be used according to the requirement, as it helps the developer to increase the pace by providing more content on the primary web programming language.

How to Use jQuery?

Jquery is mainly used either by creating a separate file on the server and can be coded on the main page. Java scripts are widely recommended to be created in a separate file, as it takes up space on the main page and would not be secured. Creating a separate .js or JavaScript file can help you connect with more than one pages and can be taken good mileage over the script.

Using Jquery

Jquery is primary used to connect with the primary programming language elements like HTML via DOM in the browser. DOM or Document object model is more like a method, where the communication and the interaction between HTML and javascript in the browser.

The objects in the DOM is arranged in a tree structure with the HTML file, and every HTML element is considered as a node in the DOM. Javascript can add, change or remove any of these elements in the HTML. You can see the separate list of documents and codes by visiting the page source file. The page source can be seen by right-clicking on the web page and taping on view source. As the DOM is dynamic and can be changed, it is evident that scripts can act effectively with the help of HTML elements.

A dollar sign usually represents the Jquery, and the DOM can be accessed with Jquery by using CSS syntax. As an ID is represented by a hash symbol in CSS, the Jquery will access the demo ID with the selector on the HTML page.


Using Jquery in the limited places can help you save bandwidth consumption for users. The Jquery or the javascript play a major role regarding elegance in most of the websites, as it can be created customized based on the requirement. As the library is huge and has no limits in creation, it is obvious that people try to use the library to the maximum extent. However, we learned now that how to use Jquery.